50: News & Updates

In celebration of episode 50 of Narrated, Mark Siegal joins me to check in on our audiobook listening habits, catch up on recent audiobook news, provide updates to previous episodes, and to look ahead to a few upcoming audiobook releases that we’re excited for.

Audiobook News:

Publisher limitations for library audiobooks

Audible Captions lawsuit

In-App Purchasing (with credits)


Audiobook Tech (Apple Watch series 5)

Watches [xkcd]

Mark's Tidying Up

A few upcoming audiobooks that we're exceted to listen to:

The Toll [Arc of a Scythe - Book 3]

The Starless Sea [Audible] / [Libro.fm] / [OverDrive]

Auberon [Expanse Novella]

The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl [Audible] / [Libro.fm] / [OverDrive]